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Consider This When Choosing A Southampton Limo Company For Prom Party

When you are planning on how to impress a date on prom night, a limo ride definitely comes to mind. Choosing a Hamptons limo for the arrival and departure is one of the easiest ways to make that great impression on your first date. You not only get to arrive and depart in style and comfort but you also don’t have to worry about getting lost along the way or your own safety when you leave the party. All you have to do is to find an ideal Southampton limo company to provide the perfect service. Here’s what to consider when choosing a prom limo.


First and foremost, you want a prom limo that can accommodate all the passengers. If you just need one for you and a date, a standard limo with just 4 seats would be perfect. If you want to arrive at prom with a couple of other friends then consider hiring a stretch limo with a lot more seats. Stretch limos have just enough room to cater to larger groups of say ten people. Just make sure you have the headcount right so that you don’t end up carrying excess passengers and going against the Southampton limo company guidelines.


The next important thing would be to ask about the rental fees. Some limo companies charge by the hour whereas others will give you a fixed rate. When comparing quotes from different limo companies, ask about the surcharges or extra fees. One way to make the experience luxurious yet affordable is to split the cost with a group of friends. Other than going with your date alone, you can decide to have a double date with your best friends and split the bill. You’ll still enjoy the experience plus spend less money on the limo ride.




Limos can come with some exciting features which you can take advantage of. For instance, the Southampton limo company can have a place on the side where you serve refreshments and set the party mood. Some limos have gone to the extent of having a DJ and dance floor to cater for larger groups that want to have a small party on their way. Make sure the Southampton limo company provides you a detailed description of the vehicle before you hire. Ask to see the amenities or extra features when you go to inspect the limo.


Just in case you take the celebration too far, a professional limo driver should be there to ensure you get home safely. Choose a Southampton limo company that guarantees professional and licensed drivers and chauffeurs. Aside from getting you to your destination and back safely, the driver should be friendly and helpful if you need help finding locations in the area.


Most importantly, know where you are going and communicate it to the Southampton limo company early enough. If you’ll be picking up a couple of friends along the way, be sure to let the driver know so that they can get the directions and avoid delays.


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